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At Sweet Charity Choir we believe in supporting people through our love of singing, tea and cake! Every time we meet we have a beautiful selection of mouth watering cakes to eat, all baked by our members, accompanied with a cup of tea or coffee. 100% of the donations from this go towards our chosen charity.

This is what we do.


Our choir members decide what songs they want to sing! We decide on the song by a majority vote. 


Our choir members decide what charities to support, they then go into a hat and picked at random each month.

Your voice   Matters.

your leader.

Jenny Deacon is a professional and experienced musician, singer, composer and musical director with a career that spans over 15 years. She has been teaching choirs professionally for over 9 years and has mastered her profession. Jenny has also achieved a BAHons in Music from Southampton University, where she perfected her leadership and performance skills and as a result has performed globally in some of the most prestigious venues, famous festivals and glamorous events.

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