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Terms and conditions Southend Choir

The Sweet Charity Choir will provide three ninety-minute rehearsals per month.


The Sweet Charity Choir will provide a minimum of two concerts per year. A minimum of a two-month notice period will be issued before any concert venues have been booked.


The Sweet Charity Choir will provide rehearsal tracks for each section (Bass, Alto, Soprano) for each song taught in form of an mp3 file; you can find these tracks in the ‘members’ area on the website, which you must register for.

In the unlikely event that The Sweet Charity Choir would have to cancel a rehearsal due to unforeseen circumstances, the rehearsal will be made up for as soon as possible.


In the unlikely event that The Sweet Charity Choir makes changes to the rehearsal schedule, 2 months notice will be given to Members.


The Sweet Charity Choir is a member of the Musician’s Union, therefore has the sufficient Public Liability Insurance required to perform, and rehearse in any venue in the UK.


Members who sign up to the Direct Debit plan are required to commit to a minimum of a 3-month subscription.  After this point the member can continue on or give a notice period of one month to cancel. Members who wish to cancel their direct debit must give written notice to Jenny Deacon (in the form of email or letter). Subscriptions are on a continually rolling basis; it is the Member’s responsibility to cancel their plan.


Members are responsible to attend as many rehearsals as they can out of the three that are provided per month. A minimum of one per month is mandatory.


If a member is unable to attend any rehearsals in that month, a notice period of 1 month is required to obtain a refund for the month missed. Unregistered absences will not be refunded.


Absence of any period under one month due to Sickness will not be refunded unless deemed a serious case. This will be discussed with Jenny Deacon if the situation arises.


Performances, recording sessions, trips away, and high profile concerts are not mandatory but the opportunity will be given to every Member equally.  


However, it is mandatory that we all have fun.

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